Goh Betoch Bank S.C

Goh Betoch Bank is a Bank under formation. It is currently selling shares to raise capital for its establishment. The minimum capital required to establish a bank in Ethiopia is Birr 500 million. Goh strives to collect this capital from the public including Ethiopian diaspora.

Summary Information on Sale of Shares




BIRR 1,000.00


50 shares (Birr 50,000)


50% payment up on subscription


Birr 50 per paid up share (5%  of paid up shares)

Goh is a housing commercial banking entity and it will have a 70-30 mix of loan portfolio, where the bulk of its loan are dedicated to housing finance. The fact that it will focus in housing and property financing makes Goh unique from other banks operating in the country.

የጎሕ ቤቶች ባንክ የመሥራቾች ጉባዔ አካሄደ

የጎሕ ቤቶች ባንክ የመሥራቾች ጉባዔወን መስከረም 28 ቀን 2013 በተሳካ ሁኔታ አካሄዷል፡፡ በዚህ ጉባዔ ከ50 ከመቶ በላይ አክሲዮኖችን የያዙ ባለአክሲዮኖች የተሳተፉ ሲሆን የሚከተሉትን አጅንዳዎች መርምረው አጽድቀዋል፡፡

1. የአደራጆችን ሪፖርት መስማትና ማጽደቅ
2. የኦዲተሮችን ሪፖርት መስማትና መወሰን
3. የመመሥረቻ ጽሑፍ ማጽደቅ
4. የቦርድ አባላትን መምረጥ
5. የመተዳደሪያ ደንብ ማፅደቅ
6. ኦዲተሮችን መሾምና የአገልግሎት ክፍያቸውን መወሰን
7. ለቦርድ አባላት የሚከፈል አበል መወሰን

በዕለቱ በተካሄደው የቦርድ ምርጫ የሚከተሉት የቦርድ አባላት ሁነው ተመርጠዋል፡፡

1. አቶ ጌታሁን ናና ጀንበር
2. አቶ ገ/የሱስ ኢጋታ ሲማ
3. አቶ ከፈኒ ጉርሙ ገመዳ
4. ዶ/ር ኢንጂነር ዉብሸት ዠቅአለ መንገሻ
5. ወ/ሮ ፋሲካ ከበደ ተመሰለው
6. አቶ በላቸው ሁሪሳ
7. ወ/ሮ ፅዮን
8. ሬድዋን ሞተረሰ ኃ/የተ/ የግል ማህበር
9. ኢትዮላፍ እና ጄኔራል ኢንሹራነስ አ.ማ

ባንኩ የመስራቾች ጉባዔውን በማካሄዱ የሥራ ፈቃድ የማግኘቱን ሂደት በከፈተኛ ደረጃ ወደፊት አስፈንጥሮታል፡፡ ቀጣዩ ምዕራፍ ለኢትዮጵያ ብሔራዊ ባንክ የሥራ ፈቃድ ማመልከቻ ማስገባትና ፍቃዱን ማግኘት ነው፡፡ ይህ ምዕራፍ ብሔራዊ ባንክ የሚጠይቃቸውን መስፍርቶች ማሟላትንና በሠነዶች ማረጋገጫና ምዝገባ አጀንሲ የመመሥረቻ ጽሑፍና የመተዳደሪያ ደንብ በመሥራቾች ማስፈረምን እንዲሁም የሥራ ፍቃድ ማግኘትንና ባንኩን ሥራ እንዲጀምር ማድረግን ያካትታል። ለማጠናቅም እሰከ ስድስት ወር ይወሰዳል ተብሎ ይጠበቃል። በመሆኑም ባንኩ ለተገልጋዮቹ በሩን የሚክፈተው በሚያዝያ ወር 2013 መጀመሪያ አካባቢ እንደሚሆን ይጠበቃል።

Where can I buy shares?

Shares are available in the following Banks. Share buyers shall deposit proceeds of share purchase and service charges in accounts indicated besides the names of the banks.

Foreign Currency Account

Block Account: 1000325330841

Service Charge Account: 1000325332194

Swift Code: CBETETAA

Block Account: 02307203719000

Service Charge Account: 02307203719001

Swift Code: AWINETAA

Block Account: 30256255

Service Charge Account: 30628829

Swift Code: ABYSETAA

Block Account: 7000016475349

Service Charge Account: 7000016497113

Swift Code: NIBIETAA

Notice for foreign nationals of Ethiopians origin

We learned that when you remit funds through swift code, you are charged twice for the blocked and service charge accounts. In order to minimize the cost, you remit both funds in blocked account so that we will allot accordingly when the blocked account is unblocked.

Sub- Share purchase transaction by foreign national of Ethiopia origin

It is to be recalled that Goh betoch Bank S.C (under formation) opened accounts in your branches. Some questions frequently raised by your respective branches and foreign Nationals of Ethiopian origin, the purchaser. The following notes are made based on National Bank directive of Ethiopia SBB/73/2020. It is intended to smoothly facilitate the share purchase transaction. Please, take into consideration and circulate the same to your respective branches.

  1. Foreign Nationals of Ethiopian origin, who wants to purchase shares of the bank, is required to hold valid Ethiopian identity card, usually known as “yellow card”. The purchaser is also required to send copy of the identity card, and confirmation bank advices that states purpose of the payment.
  1. Share purchase agreement/share purchase form is signed in Ethiopia, either by the purchaser or his representative at the local bank branch where the purchase transaction takes place or at project office of the Goh betoch bank.

  2. Share purchase is made either in Dollar, pound or Euro based on the daily prevailing buying rate. This rate changes from day to day.

  3. Payment is effected only in the following ways:

  4. a) If the purchaser has foreign currency account in Ethiopian banks, her/his account is debited with the amount of purchase and same is credited to Goh Betoch bank S.C

    b) If the purchaser does not have foreign currency account in Ethiopian banks, she/he transfer the purchase amount by swift from the place of her/his residence.
Both closed and service charges are credited by foreign currency. Note that paying through cards, cash wither declared or not and though international money transfer organizations shall not be allowed.

Local Currency Account

Bank Blocked a/c  number Service charge a/c number
Commercial Bank of Ethiopia 1000270720197 1000270758316
Awash Bank S.C 01320203719000 01325203719000
United Bank S.C 1171616579978012 1170416582840019
Bank of Abyssinia S.C 15597062 15597399
Wegagen Bank S.C 0763322310102 0763322310101
Nib International Bank S.C 7000010232088 7000010780007
Dashen Bank 00013314560011 50013314899001
Oromia International Bank 3381295 3392016
Lion International Bank 00111110225-25 00111110238-83
Berhan Bank 2201960001026 2601960016632