About Us

Goh Betoch Bank is a Bank under formation. It is currently selling shares to raise capital for its establishment. The minimum capital required to establish a bank in Ethiopia is Birr 500 million. Goh strives to collect this capital from the public including Ethiopian diaspora.

GoH is a housing commercial banking entity and it will have a 70-30 mix of loan portfolio, where the bulk of its loan are dedicated to housing finance. The fact that it will focus in housing and property financing makes Goh unique from other banks operating in the country.


Goh has the singular vision of helping the would be home-owner, making this dreams a reality.

Organizers of the Bank are renowned senior citizens with great reputation and experience drawn from business, academia and the banking industry.

The ORGANIZERS of GoH believe that:

A relationship that is created through home and property financing and ownership can be leveraged to create a profitable and sustainable housing finance bank, that provides bundled services to households, which it is associated with through this primary financing scheme.

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